Love on Love Soul Pack

The ‘Love on Love’ Soul Pack is all about deepening Love of Self and finding deep love with your divine most compatible soul partner.




Love on Love Soul Pack

Love breeds Appreciation and Appreciation breeds Love!  This is a self sustaining cycle..
BUT .. How to get ON this cycle?

Sometimes in life we need an ‘Upgrade’, a helping hand and an Uplift to ‘Raise our Game’ and to make us more visible to the kind of people that we want to have in our lives.  Many people have experienced already how Ormus raises their ‘Vibrational Frequency’ .. and quickly.  Ormus has been widely reported to ‘Quicken the Manifestation’ of what we have our attention on.  So we say that the right kind of Ormus IS the ‘Uplift’ that will make the difference for you in your heart and in your life.

There IS only ONE Commandment in Life .. and it is: BE LOVE and that can be achieved with our Love on Love Soul Pack!
Any action taken from a motivation that is less than loving has a price tag that our spirit and soul cannot afford.
Somehow, our ‘culture’ has trained our attention away from the very Love and Loving that we want to experience.

The Love on Love Soul Pack is the entryway to the Ormus Magical Mystery Tour of ‘Love in the Real World’.
We guarantee that your life will be Considerably Different and Better after the 6-12 months that it takes for you to evolve through this remarkable ‘Soul Pack’ .. to our guarantee of your money back at the end if you experience no value.  It is ‘Your Happiness .. or your money back’.



Save $40 + Receive $60 Value in FREE Gifts

For Richness, Reward and Abundance and  for creating the Vibration of the ideal Soul Partner and for the Love and Appreciation that produces Richness, Happiness and the Deepening of Love’s Fulfilment.

To Experience Greater, Deeper Love of Self and the Attracting of  Your ‘Soul Partner’

  • 500 ml bottle of the ‘Ideal Soul Mate’ (SM)             (2-6 Month bottle* )
    500 ml bottle of   ‘Love and Appreciation’ (LA)     (2-6 Month bottle* )
  • 500 ml bottle of  ‘Destiny of Love’ (DL)                     (2-6 Month bottle* )
    (* The TIME this pack lasts depends on the “Right-for-You”  dosage that we test for you personally)
  • FREE **DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle: ( DT)
  • FREE ‘Space of Grace’© 50ml (Ormus Space Clearing Spray): (SG)
  • FREE ‘SHOWER of POWER’© Immediate Consciousness Uplift Exercise (laminated with instructions) (SP)
  • Free Eye Dropper for measurement of the exact ‘dosage’
    *Lasts ONE person 6-12 months supplyand TWO people 3-6 months supply, depending on the exact amount of drops that we test is a “right-for-you” dosage to have.  (Longer for “Sensitives or Empaths” who need to take a lot LESS every day .. see instructions)
  • “Your Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee is on all our Soul and Bonus Packs



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