“The Power of Ormus: Real-Life Testimonials from People Who Have Experienced the Benefits of Ormus Supplementation”

Ormus Testimonials

Customer Reviews

When it comes to real life experiences with the power of Ormus supplementation, customer reviews are some of the best evidence. Every day we’re hearing more and more testimonials from people who have experienced the benefits of taking Ormus. These customers describe a significant increase for the better in their overall health, feeling more energetic and alert, experiencing a sense of “flow” and relaxation during activities such as yoga or meditation, and even noticing changes to their vision!

Of course, everyone’s experience is different depending on how long they’ve been taking Ormus and what forms they’ve used. But many users report that after a few weeks or months of consistent use, they have begun to notice a subtle yet significant difference in their physical energy levels as well as diminished stress and clarity of mind. This could range from being able to stay up later into the evening without feeling drained or having an easier time staying awake during lectures or presentations at work. People report an enhanced ability to manifest their dreams. There is also those who have found that their taste sensations are heightened — particularly in relation to more subtle flavors like salt or sweetness.

Overall, these reports show resounding proof that Ormus Gold supplementation can positively affect our daily lives in numerous ways. While there may still be much to discover about all the possible effects that this mysterious mineral has on our bodies and minds, one thing is very clear: lots of satisfied customers continue to be extremely pleased with the results they have seen when taking Ormus sea minerals! The body, mind and soul love this supplement.

“I was receiving energy bundles”


Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of ORMUS”!! That’s exactly how I felt when I opened the package of ‘humble’ Pacific wet-method precipitate from Denis of OZ the other day! There was nothing humble about how it slugged my psyche just from handling it. I was even a little guarded about consuming it – which took me a few days to build up to. About a YEAR ago Denis promised to send me some of his ‘sockumrockum’, ‘wham you in the 3rd eye’, ‘explode your kundalini’ ORMUS, and so when he read about my work with Sandy [a 48 year old fragmented woman raised in the Satanic Cult], for whom I had asked for donations, he was reminded he hadn’t sent his ORMUS to me. It arrived earlier this week and I have been reeling since then.

My first impression was as I insinuated, just a whole lot of energy just handling the package and then a ball of energy when I opened it. One of the things I do, in my Oracle capacity, is to sleep on an Monatomic Gold product before ever consuming or applying it topically. I literally place the product inside my pillow case, but generally pull out most products before morning because they are more irritating than helpful. However, I kept Denis’ product tucked in all night even though it was intense and not the best night’s sleep I’ve had. I sensed I was receiving energy bundles – like bundles of information, but nothing filtered to my conscious brain. I sensed my download capacity was maxing out and it was unsettling to me for days following. This made me reluctant to consume it right away. The next night after going to bed, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with his product that was on my nightstand next to my bed. The pillow trick didn’t yield me anything concrete I could pin point. BUT while I was musing about this I saw an incredible Being. The brilliance from this Being was uncomfortable and might be likened to a blind person suddenly gaining sight in the midst of a fully lighted stadium (or 10 stadium lights). It was so uncomfortable that I pulled away and shut out that connection, but not before getting significantly more energy or information bundles.

I sensed this Being was in another universe. I sensed it was involved with humanity’s spiritual evolution. A Celestial Being? I don’t know. I didn’t feel toward it the way I imagined I would feel toward an angel. We did talk a bit afterwards and have talked since but our ‘conversations’ aren’t like human conversations and until I can translate them into words I am unable to convey their essence. They are instead more like psychological conversations having to do with perspective rather than with content. Contact with this Being has challenged me in very real ways. I had what I can only describe as an existential crisis which I am still working through. Ultimately, I feel this has been a VERY empowering experience.

After a couple more days I applied Denis’ product topically (followed with an essential oil application to pull the ORMUS into my cells) and consumed a small amount (about 1/2 tsp) with minimal ‘bundle’ downloads there after.

I also had a strange infection that hadn’t been clearing but your monoatomic gold seemed to boost my immune system and aid my healing process.

That is the extent of my use of Denis’ product to date. I’ll make more reports in time as I use it in days to come should I have anything to report.

BEFORE I mustered the courage to actually consume Denis’ product I contacted him to find out what the heck he did to his product to make it so exceptional. Denis must’ve talked 45 minutes straight telling me about all the things that led up to each discovery – all those non-physical ‘ingredients’ that makes his one of the more powerful products I’ve ever used. I’m convinced that these non-physical ingredients are as important as the physical ones. You still need to begin with quality product, and follow the procedures, and protect from EMF, and all of that, but those non-physical qualities seem to rev up it with jet fuel.

Blessings to all,

Sharon, Nth California USA

“The phone rings for bookings before the day is over”

“My parents and I have ingested Denis’s lovely elixirs for a few years now. I had some TL (Transcendence and Liberation) sent to me recently and it was awesome just holding the package. It was amazing! I recommend his Mother of Abundance (MA) as it works fantastic for me as I am self employed. I take it when I want more clients and the phone rings for bookings before the day is over.

I have recently flew over to Queensland and had the pleasure of watching Denis in action. What a divine experience. After preparing the making space we became very present using the ‘Shower of Power’ excercise before we started the processing of he materials. As I am clairvoyant, I ‘saw’ in my minds eyes a ‘gathering’ of beings .. first a Goddess (‘Mother Ormus’, as Denis calls her) and then beautiful women celebrating in the centre of 4 angels. They were Archangels! And they were protecting and enriching our space, and what a blessing! This all came about without invocation of any sort. They just showed up! Denis said this is normal in his making!

The whole experience was so beautiful beyond words. When I was in the vicinity of that batch I felt like I was near the most sacred substance ever created. To me it has the most celestial energy of anything or anyone I know. Denis puts a lot of energy, focus and intention into his special batches. He’s a gifted alchemist who lives and breathes the Elixir. Denis’ Ormus can change your life, make you more conscious, help you manifest faster and feel better just by being near it! Try drinking it daily for a few months and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!”
Salimah Ainsworth, Perth Western Australia


“Now I’m euphoric”

I was having quite a good time on whitepowder gold for about 7 days. Even though it was a little heavy, intense and spacey. Then I tried Denis’s gorgeous yummy ormus…WOW…I was happy before but now I’m euphoric! I can get more of a longlasting flow with his blend. I also finally experienced that ringing/humming/buzz in my ears for the first time….I’m trying to get used this heightened sense of clarity, insightfulness, acute seeing and hearing. I can’t believe (but yes I can) that this state of fulfillment and joy can actually be a constant state!

Nothing has changed in my external environment, but who I am has changed dramatically and keeps changing day by day. I am much less reactive to others emotions or words and people really like being around me – they actually say words to this effect and then wonder why they’re saying it to me. There is such a sweetness and beauty in the world surrounding me that I didn’t know existed before. Life finally looks and feels good. All I’m waiting for now if it starts taking those silver strands of hair away for me lol. Oh, I can’t stand being around too many computers these days as well… Must be the electromagnetic field?

Peace, light & love Sammy, Melbourne, Oz

“Mother Of Abundance Brings Money in 6 Hours”

“Well Denis. I have to admit. Sometimes the Rah Rah Rah about your 5 stars ORMUS sounds a bit too good to be true.

H o w e v e r r r r r… Within 6 hours of the morning arrival of official Postal Authorities announcing your product was here and waiting to come to the house I received a bank statement of several thousand British Pounds Sterling having just been deposited into our account that we had absolutely no knowledge or expectation of. Thought I was going to flip out! haha

next surprise… I went to the computer to pay the customs charge by debit and within an hour (!) I got a letter in the mail that contained exactly twice the previous amount of thousands.

I thought I was going to faint ! I had to laugh. I just sat here with a big stupid grin on my face and thought… uh-huh… I thought so, the MA Ormus didn’t even have to be in the HOUSE yet… just in the CITY!!!! Well. I am completely convinced. Mother of Abundance is JUST THAT !!!

I can’t wait — it will be delivered to us in the morning and I might just swallow the whole bottle at once… on my way to buy a lottery ticket of course!!! Bless your cotton socks for your generosity in sending it despite YOUR high postage price in the first place. THANK YOU DENIS. This is some pretty amazing stuff. And you can print that!! HAHA

With amazement in my eyes and money in my bank,

Life, Love, and LIGHT!”
Mickey, United Kingdom


“I’m Buzzing From Top To Toe”

“Hi Denis, Thank you for the super fast delivery of the Mother of Abundance. I took half a teaspoon straight and I’m buzzing from top to toe! Having a long history of Qigong, and working with energy, I can say this is seriously powerful stuff. It’s like suddenly being switched on all at once! I am interested to see where this leads!

Not sure what it is supposed to do – but for me the vibrations lasted most of the day – rising to a peak over four hours before fading to a gentle buzz. Mentally I felt more alert – and was able to access deeper levels of creativity in my writing.

You mentioned that I have “the latest product of your Elixir evolution” – it has certainly attained a very high level. I am about to take my second dose and go to bed! Thank you again for an amazing product. Namaste.”
Graham Marburg QLD


“Fully grounded in the present, fully aware… feeling eurphoric”


My first encounter with ormus was at the seminar conducted by Barry Carter in Melbourne. Denis of OZ had a stall there selling Ormus made by him and free sampling of it was available.

Not knowing what to expect and rather skeptical, I thought it should be pretty safe to try it in public. I had a spoonful of it. I felt a bit light headed and did not give it a second thought. By the end of the 3 day seminar I had 6 spoonfuls of it, I was definitely feeling rather euphoric. All my problems seem so trivial and far away. Yet I am here, fully grounded in the present, fully aware of the going on around me and feeling very positive and energetic.

“Congratulation Denis for crafting such a great product!!!!”

Best regards, Phil, Chi Gung Master, Melbourne

I’ve tried many types of ORMUS over the past 8 years and discovered early on that it takes on a significant imprint of the person and surroundings where it is produced. This is true even with the more difficult alchemy techniques. That imprint becomes a part of the experience by the person who consumes it. Denis’ is the BEST at imprinting it. Denis is meticulous with producing his ORMUS for the highest vibration possible – from collecting the water at the full moon and by setting up a high powered sacred place in which to perform loving alchemy. If you were inspired by his post then you needn’t look any further to find a product that will inspire you as well.

Warmly, Sharon, San Francisco, USA

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