The Spiritual Aspects of Ormus

Written by Denis Cooney
September 10, 2012

I have a few things to say about the Spiritual Aspects of Ormus. It MAY LOOK like it is Inert, but Ormus is ‘Alive, Alive-O’ on other dimensions of existence.

On this forum, Chaz wrote:

“It seems to me that historically the viewpoint has been a Western perspective and an Eastern metaphysical approach is missing entirely. Seldom, if at all, has the point been made that ‘white-gold’ has/is
consciousness, i.e. consciousness wrapped in material and has some consistent behaviors (responds to magnetic fields etc.)

It would seem that everyone is looking for ‘white-gold’ to be the ultimate panacea and none realizing that it is an educational toy.  Educational in the sense that it is the tool of the philosopher. From Wikipedia: “Alchemy is an influential philosophical tradition.” How many of us here are traveling that road? ”

Well, I agree and MORE! I propose that “that road” is a lot wider than Chaz described .. for “that road” is the path of the spiritual evolution of the Mind/Body/Soul.

Not MANY folks here give even LIP SERVICE to the CONSCIOUSNESS aspect of Orme/Ormus. Probably because it cannot be easily defended as an idea! Let alone as a full fledged REALITY that for me it IS!

The most active (yet careful) proponent of the consciousness aspects of the Ormus/Orme realm is Bengt! (No wonder we get on so well and have been known to talk for hours!)

It was Barry Carter who noted that ‘Ormus is the doorway between Spirit and Matter’! How could it BE that no one seems to be paying attention to this aspect of this remarkable material. (??)

This ‘Spiritual/Consciousness/Divine’ aspect of the Ormus realm is EXTREMELY OBVIOUS to me when the Angelic realm and Mother Ormus show up during my Ormus making sessions. Like 2 weeks ago .. our end
product being named ‘IQ’ or Intuitive Quickening!

Whoever I have as an assistant, if I do, gets a BIG DOWNLOAD from being in one of these night sessions! Especially if they are more spiritually evolved than is normal .. as if the Ormus realm people
would be in ANY WAY considered “Normal”!

For most Ormusians, Normal is a setting on the washing machine!

My last assistant, Sal, from Western Australia was clairvoyant enough to have been able to identify and NAME the Archangels as they showed up .. AND “Mother Ormus” showed up too .. which starts usually as soon as I begin preparing the sacred space for the Ormus ceremony. The space is FULL of the energies of these beings!
Especially when I put the dedicated soundtracks on .. different for each batch! They seem to LOVE IT .. as they keep coming back!

Most people tend to beg for personal favours when the ‘Big Guns’ show up. (“Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” – Joplin) We ask only one thing when they come: That they leave some of their essence, their wisdom, their extraordinary elevation and their spiritual accomplishment in the Ormus for the benefit of anyone who takes it. We ask only that only that our current Ormus batch is blessed and empowered by them.  So it comes  vibrationally loaded.

The point is .. Ormus should be, could be, would be if treated accordingly, a Sacred Substance and an evolutionary enhancer. SOME people ‘get it’ vibrationally and some don’t! No big deal, some will, some won’t, we move on. But if WE deliver that ‘substance’ to people vibrationally intact, then OUR part of the job is done!
People will get what they get.

Bengt said about the Spice, and I quote “People ask me why the material does not make them feel differently.
I point out it has consciousness and that an interactive relationship is far more beneficial than an energetic rush.”

I would add to that that Ormus HAS a Spiritual, Invisible ‘component’ that works in their lives, whether they FEEL it or not. I encourage my customers to enter into a ‘dialogue’ with ‘Mother Ormus’ and pay attention to what she suggests and act on the ‘suggestion/impressions’ that emanate from her.

Many of my customers have had changes initiate as SOON as they ORDER their Ormus. As I said, Ormus has a ‘Spiritual Component’ that is beyond the space and Time constraints of any powder or potion. I recommend that people enter into ‘dialogue’ with their Ormus .. and sense whatever Depth and Spirit that it has .. and even to give it a an intention.. and your gratitude that it exists!

I wrote below about our latest batch and the report of our experience. Read it if you haven’t already, for it was quite revealing of these ‘Spiritual Aspects’ that I write about.

Denis of Oz

Hi to the Ormus community!

I just got this delightful email from one of my long term customers who flew the 5 hour journey over from Western Australia to make Ormus with me a couple of weeks ago. She was a treat to have stay here ..

Sal is a amazingly intuitive clairvoyant who ‘sees’ and communicates with the subtle realm ‘beings’ that are all around us .. they are always ‘talking’ to her.

There was a real potency and spiritual ‘urgency’ to the recent Aquarian Full Moon batch, as it had many powerful energies associated with it .. not to mention all the ‘beings’ that showed up for it’s making a couple of weeks ago on the 2nd of August.

We have called this Aquarian Moon batch “Intuitive Quickening” (or IQ for short) …
and speaking personally,  I have noticed a big jump in my ability to ‘apprehend’ by direct ‘knowing’ the inner nature of people and things around me lately. This IS the kind of insight I have always wanted and I have felt lost
and psychically ‘naked’ in my past without these perceptual abilities. I am recovering more and more of these skills daily now.

So here is Salimah’s report:

“My parents and I have ingested Denis’s lovely elixirs for a few years now. I had some TL (Transcendence and Liberation) sent to me recently and it was awesome just holding the package. It was amazing!

I recommend his Mother of Abundance (MA) as it works fantastic for me as I am self employed. I take it when I want more clients and the phone rings for bookings before the day is over.

I have recently flew over to Queensland and had the pleasure of watching Denis in Ormus making action.
What a divine experience.

After preparing the Ormus making space we became very present using the ‘Shower of Power’ excercise.
As I am clairvoyant, I ‘saw’ in my minds eyes a ‘gathering’ of beings .. first a Goddess (‘Mother Ormus’, as Denis calls her) and then beautiful women celebrating in the centre of 4 angels. They were Archangels! And they were protecting and enriching our Ormus making space, and what a blessing! This all came about without invocation of any sort. They just showed up! Denis said this is normal at his Ormus making!

The whole experience was so beautiful beyond words. When I was in the vicinity of that Aquarian moon batch I felt like I was near the most sacred substance ever created. To me it has the most celestial energy of anything or anyone I know.

Denis puts a lot of energy, focus and intention into his special Ormus batches. He’s a gifted alchemist who lives and breathes Ormus. Denis’ Ormus can change your life, make you more conscious, help you manifest faster and feel better just by being near it!

Try drinking it daily for a few months and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!”

Salimah Ainsworth
Perth Western Australia

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I …
Cheers and love,
Denis of Oz

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