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Happiness in a Bottle

The higher your vibrational frequency the better your life experiences and ability to manifest your dreams are. There has been much written about the necessity to raise your vibration during these spiritually transitioning times. In this article I’m going to talk about the particular benefits that come with raising your vibrational frequency using a substance called Ormus.

When people first come across the information about Ormus and how it is a conductor of consciousness found in all living things, they begin to understand how important it is to eat high vibration foods if you want to manifest your dreams. High vibration foods that contain a lot of Ormus, generally referred to as superfoods, help raise our body vibrational frequency.

The need to raise your vibration to match that which you want to manifest is something many personal development gurus, are now saying was missing in the movie ‘The Secret’ and many teachings on The Law Of Attraction. In fact the idea of raising your vibrational frequency and how to do that is now being touted as the secret left out of The Secret.

So Why Raise Our Vibrational Frequency With Ormus?

Quite simply because life, love and manifestation is easier the higher the frequency you have. I get feedback all the time from clients taking Ormus that they receive a great many benefits from its vibrational upliftment.

  • Sharper awareness
  • Greater peace and serenity
  • Moments of total bliss
  • Greater inspired guidance
  • Higher levels of attraction
  • Greater connection to Self and the Divine
  • Better communication channel between physical self and higher self
  • And what I like to call unreasonable happiness.

You have probably noticed this yourself… when you have those down moments in life things just seem to spiral further down as you contemplate all the things that aren’t turning out to be what you want. This is because you are lowering your vibrational frequency by focusing on the negative aspects of what you are experiencing.

Conversely, when you focus on all the great things in life and are taking a more positive mental attitude you notice how things begin to flow again. This is because you are raising your vibration by focusing on the good. Napolean Hills said it best – “You can not afford the luxury of the negative thought”. And it is true. It’s the very vibration the thoughts carry through us that is magnetic and attracts like to like.

We live in an amazing time of human creativity and information. We now know that the frequency of food we eat effects our health, so eat healthy food and begin to watch your vibration rise and therefore you positive mental outlook which then effects your experience. Have you noticed after a few days of not eating well how you feel a bit down or depressed? There is a relationship – your frequency has dropped and so too your experience.

We also have at our disposal so many superfoods, Ormus rich foods, meditations, spiritual practices and technology that can all help us raise our vibrational frequency and hence our ability to manifest our dreams and experience unreasonable happiness. So MAKE up your MIND to focus this week on raising your vibrational frequency and GO for your DREAMS.

If you would like to raise your vibrational frequency to improve your life experiences, or manifest your dreams, click the link to learn more about high potency full moon Ormus here.

Written By Denis Cooney

Denis of Oz is is a 60's era researcher, change agent and alchemist. Denis explores the realms of the seen and the unseen .. and is a bridge between the two. Denis makes Elixirs of happiness that perform as the gateway between the realms .. Change for the better happens with our Elixir of Life varieties .. Old 'friends' drop off and new "aligned with higher values" friends come into your life. A better lifestyle becomes your new reality.

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